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Paul Speer

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I'll start out this review by letting my inner child out - THIS ALBUM ROCKS AND ROCKS HARD! Whether Paul is playing with ace drummer Ron Krasinski or managing the beats and rhythms on his own, this baby will kick start your engine into high gear pronto. This music is lean, mean, and out for blood; a pulse-pounding mixture of instrumental rock, hard core electronic, progressive fusion, and floor-thumping techno.  
Bill Binkelman  More here: 
Wind and Wire
Atmospheric, electrifying and thoroughly rocked out, Paul Speer’s Ax Inferno is a boldly inventive CD that takes state of the art guitar-based rock fusion instrumentals to a whole new level.
Robert Steven Silverstein  More here: Music Web Express 3000
Ax Inferno is a lush journey across musical landscapes that will haunt your dreams. I highly recommend this award winning and talented artist for anyone’s music collection. From “Megatron” to “Vortex” you can’t go wrong.
Dana Wright  More here:

Man, this is high-energy and a bit of sonic wonderment, to be sure!  I haven’t heard guitar talent/energy like this in many years – absolutely astounding & certainly worth a purchase.  
More here:  Rotcod Zzaj (aka Dick Metcalf) 
Ax Inferno burns with creative fire and illuminates the contrast of futuristic high tech music and soul searing electric guitar. While Paul Speer has always been an innovator, his latest release finds him exploring exciting new sonic frontiers.
Michael Diamond  More here:   

What elevates Speer into the stratosphere of awesome guitarists is that he is more than simply an exceptional, virtuosic soloist. Sure, he can shred with the best of them (I would put him on the level of Eddie Van Halen), but he also sculpts beautiful, mesmerizing, atmospheric sonic textures. But when he lets loose, boy does he let loose.  RajMan Reviews More here:  


 What others are saying...

"If you like instrumental, guitarzy, fat-bottomed, creative, and nicely recorded music, you're going to LOVE this album"!
Roger Fisher - Guitarist and founding member of Heart

"Paul Speer has created a mind blowing album with an energy and clarity that only he can do. Feel the power and let your imagination run wild"!
Larry Harris - Former vice president Casablanca Records

"Once again the amazing Paul Speer has proven to be one of the most versatile guitarists on the planet. Ax Inferno just may be his best work yet"!
Carla DeSantis Black - Publisher of ROCKRGRL magazine & founder of

"This is my friend Paul Speer at his finest! Great songwriting, production, and of course playing!  We know Rock and Roll does not always age well...but in Paul's hands, it is like a fine wine"!
David Lanz - Grammy nominated pianist / chart topping recording artist